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Posted on April 8, 2015

Paul Johnson (for Readers’ Favorites) – 5 Stars

While much of this information didn’t apply to my situation, I found it quite informative. If you are a “Boomer” or are nearing retirement age, this is a good book for you.

Henry Watts (Amazon Reviews) – 5 Stars

Attention all Baby-boomers!
Excellent advice on downsizing, leading simpler, more fulfilled lives, with a community of like-minded individuals. Great Information on; shared housing, finding a roommate or housemate, loneliness, family obligations versus your retirement years and the free time that you earned!

Patricia Day (for Readers’ Favorites) – 5 Stars

Living Among Friends – Housing Options for Boomers by Christian Lambrecht could be the only book needed to help you determine which option is right for you as you decide to downsize. Packed with practical information regarding location, types of housing and cost, it covers many issues of affordability, as well as experiences of those who have down-sized.

Jeri Fink (Amazon Reviews) – 5 Stars

Lambrecht has tackled a subject that we all think about . . . but avoid discussing! The book reads like he’s talking one-on-one to the reader: clear and honest. This author gets it – offering multiple solutions to questions about where people will live in their after-50 years. He presents ideas from those who choose “aging in place” to living in a community house. Lambrecht presents a balanced view that gives the pros and cons of each choice. Great read for the over-50 group as well as the younger-50 group who has family and friends considering these choices.

Patricia Reding (for Readers’ Favorites) 5 Starts

Incredibly timely is Living Among Friends: Housing Options for Boomers by Christian Lambrecht. After setting out a bit of his own story and experiences with various living arrangements, Lambrecht presents information for the millions of Americans born between 1946 and 1964—the Baby Boomers—as they enter into their retirement years. For this group, aging presents unique issues, ranging from what and how to save, to where and how to spend. Lambrecht contends that an often-overlooked issue is one of housing. He provides the means for readers to think outside of the norm, to consider living arrangements that are new to the American experience.

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