Other Age-friendly Atlanta Builders

Posted on February 13, 2015

Recently a real estate agent friend reviewed my book, and was concerned that I only mentioned a few of the Atlanta builders that were building appropriate homes for Boomers wishing to downsize.

To set the record straight, I actually contacted the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and asked to interview builders that were members of the Atlanta 50+ Housing Council, and there were no takers. I found this extremely interesting, but forged on and visited a few properties that were available locally.

According to my friend, here are some additional Atlanta area builders that are worth checking out:

The Orchards Group, Brannon Oak Farm & The Villages
Fortress, Brookstone Manor
Wendt, Scott Thompson, Olde Town Grayson
Del Webb, a division of Pulte, Sun City
Windsong Properties, Bel-Aire
O’ Dwyer, The Villas
Thomas Homes, Cedar Crest & Highland’s Ridge
Ryan Homes, Legacy
Paramont Community Builders, Magnolia Village

She did admit that Jim Chapman’s Brookhaven is one of the nicer developments she has seen. If any reader has checked any of these out, I would like to hear your impressions.

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