How Do I Live the Rest of My Life?

Posted on May 21, 2015

Recently, one of my acquaintances from Starbucks lost his wife suddenly and unexpectedly. She was not yet 70, in relatively good health and quite active both physically and socially. Sometimes life is unfair.

I have to admit, this gentleman had the most positive outlook on this sad event one could ever think possible. He said he had great memories, and the marriage could not have been better. He was so thankful for the many wonderful years they had spent together.

Within two months, he had sold both of his houses in Georgia, purchased a new house in Texas close to where his son’s family lived, and had sold or given away just about everything that he no longer needed. He seemed to do this with almost an amazing lack of concern or consternation.

I had given this gentleman a pre-publication version of my book around the beginning of 2015, but he admitted to me when I first saw him after his wife’s passing that he had not yet finished reading it. Nor did he mention that it provided any inspiration or guidance in his amazingly quick downsizing. So, how did he do it?

This man and his bride were both quite active in the church. I have to believe that his faith was part of the reason. But I’m also guessing it had much to do with his very positive outlook on life in general. In the fifteen years I had known this man, and I certainly did not know him well, I had never heard him complain about anything. He was almost always calm, mildly positive and seemed to enjoy every day of his life.

Some people are blessed with this attribute of positivity, and from everything I’ve read, our conversations with our self play a very important role in our happiness.

So, if you are wanting to make a change in your life, and improve your happiness, you might want to investigate methods of improving your “self talk”. If you need a few suggestions, just ask.

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